Sharon Quinn

Sharon Quinn started modeling in her home town of Leicester England. After competing and winning other local competitions Sharon Quinn decided to set her goals on becoming an international model and embarked to New York City to pursue her dreams.

Once Sharon Quinn arrived in the states her modeling career was off to a running start after landing a modeling job for Christian Dior Bridal wear. Sharon Quinn continued to work in Manhattan for fashion companies and Bridal wear before heading to work in Beverly Hills California.

With Sharon love for health and fitness she fit right into the California lifestyle and soon made it her home. Sharon Quinn quick wit and nature style soon made her hit with local Fashion Designers in Los Angeles.

Sharon Quinn career moved into Television as she appeared on NBC and Fox TV, had the pleasure of working with David Hasselhoff while appearing on two episodes of Baywatch. Sharon Quinn also co- hosted an episode of the popular show Star Search with Ed McMann on national Television. She has been seen in TV Commercials for Rebook Sneakers and appeared in Infomercials for Hair Products and Workout Videos.

She then traveled to Miami Florida to bring her experience from the entertainment industry to the cosmetic surgery industry and hosted The Top surgeons on ION TV. Sharon charm and personality added character to the show that features prominent plastic surgeons from Miami Beach. She talked with patients about their procedures discussing important issues and gave her personal advice and her opinions regarding plastic surgery.

With her years of experience as a model, spokesperson, and more recently a TV and video host, Quinn is excited to embark on her entrepreneurial career. She recently cofounded local real estate news TV to help small companies in the real estate industry promote and publicize their services on the news.


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